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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Les Tikitis, Volume 1 - Preview

Rating: rating 8(130)
Price:  Free 
Join Cerebrex and his fellow Tikitis on their adventures as they continue to fight for justice and right wrongs....even in their retirement! Now on your iPhone or iPod Touch.A comfortable and dynamic reading experience with picture quality that will impress.With Ave!Comics, ... 

Pibgorn 3

Rating: rating 10(22)
Price:  $0.99 
Time-displaced Mozart gets a guided tour of the present, courtesy of the “non-linear, omniscient entity,” Thorax, and is amazed at the impact his life will have on future generations. But will he desire a return to his own time, now that ... 

Les Aventures de Lucky Luke – Tome 3 – L'Homme de Washington

Rating: rating 10(11)
Price:  $4.99 
L’Homme de Washington renoue avec la grande tradition du western en forme de road-movie chère à Goscinny. Dans la lignée d’albums mythiques comme La Caravane, La Diligence ou Le Grand Duc, Gerra et Achdé enchaînent les courses-poursuites à la découverte de ... 

King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard; ebook

Rating: rating 8(25)
Price:  $0.99 
An 1885 best selling adventure novel about Allan Quartermain, an English big game hunter and explorer, who leads a party into deepest Africa in search of the missing brother of one of the party. The book reader software includes full text ... 

Die Geliebte des Gelatiere (Leseprobe)

Rating: rating 6(152)
Price:  Free 
TEXTUNES bringt Literatur aufs iPhone:"Die Geliebte des Gelatiere" von Daniel ZahnoRoman erschienen bei weissbooks.wDaniel Zahno erzählt die Geschichte eines jungen Venezianers, der auf der Suche ist. Auf der Suche nach der richtigen Arbeit, der richtigen Frau, dem richtigen Leben.Seit frühester Kindheit ... 

La Toile - Saison 1

Rating: rating 10(16)
Price:  $5.99 
LA 1ère SÉRIE À LIRE SUR iPhone & iTouchLa Toile Saison 1, un thriller en 9 épisodes au suspens haletant !Auteur : Florian LafaniLangue : FrançaisNombre de pages : 405 (45 par épisode)Temps de lecture moyen : 4H30 environ© Leezam 2009La ... 

C. S. Lewis Quotes

Rating: rating 6(33)
Price:  $0.99 
Get all your favorite C. S. Lewis quotes all in one place. Pay hommage to C. S. Lewis' intuition with the C. S. Lewis Quotes application.A random quote will be generated every time you tap the screen with two fingers or ... 

Jesus Christ - Lite  - Amar Chitra Katha Comics

Rating: rating 6(148)
Price:  Free 
iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA BRINGS THE POPULAR AMAR CHITRA KATHA CLASSICS to the iPhone and iPod Community Worldwide."The ultimate sacrifices of Christ""Beautiful Art of the times of Christ"14 Screens/English/full color comic book(panel by panel)This is the LITE Version giving sample screens. The paid ... 

Stolen Suns: Chapter 1

Rating: rating 8(105)
Price:  Free 
Color | 67 screens | Ongoing Graphic NovelArt and Story by JM RinguetThe hottest Rock band on the planet are all Vampires... or are they?Stolen Suns bursts out on the music scene and shot up the charts with their first album. ... 

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor by Malcolm C. Duncan

Rating: rating 8(27)
Price:  $0.99 
Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor by Malcolm C. Duncan A comprehensive guide to York rite FreemasonrySubtitled A Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite and to the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and ... 

My French Coach

Rating: rating 8(15)
Price:  $4.99 
50%-OFF REGULAR PRICE!!----------------------My French Coach is designed to help you increase your Spanish comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and conversation skills - all while playing games and having fun. You'll be surprised by how quickly you'll learn and how much you'll retain after ... 

20 Days to the Top

Rating: rating 6(152)
Price:  Free 
** Watch for your favorite business, spiritual and educational titles to appear as Tapstacks from Six Voices at http://tapstack.com/ **20 Days to the Top by Brian SullivanDo you want to be your company's top performer? Do you want to be famous ... 

Transformers: The Movie Adaptation #4 (of 4)

Rating: rating 10(20)
Price:  $0.99 
The official adaptation of Transformers: The Movie concludes in this exciting issue! The Allspark has been located but so has leader of the Decepticons, MEGATRON! Will the alliance between humans and the Autobots be enough to prevent Megatron acquiring the Allspark?*** ... 

Shatashloki Valmiki Ramayana (Audio)

Rating: rating 8(104)
Price:  Free 
Shatashloki Valmiki Ramayana:Chants of Sage Valmiki's Ramayana by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji."Ramayana is the river that originated from the mountain called Valmiki and merged in the ocean called Sri Rama.This sacred river purifies the three worlds". This is how ... 

TNIV Bible

Rating: rating 10(17)
Price:  $7.99 
iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 Required. Do not update this app if you have not updated your device.The new Tecarta Bible is the premier iPhone Bible application designed specifically for Bible study, quick navigation and easy note taking. This application combines ... 

Stieg Larsson: Verblendung

Rating: rating 10(23)
Price:  $11.99 
Was geschah mit Harriet Vanger? Während eines Familientreffens spurlos verschwunden, bleibt ihr Schicksal jahrzehntelang ungeklärt. Bis der Journalist Mikael Blomkvist und die Ermittlerin Lisbeth Salander recherchieren. Was sie zutage fördern, lässt alle Beteiligten wünschen, sie hätten sich nie mit diesem Fall ... 

TMNT Soul's Winter 2

Rating: rating 10(26)
Price:  $0.99 
Part 2 of 3After a resounding defeat at the hands of his mortal enemy leaves one turtle’s life hanging in the balance, Master Splinter turns to the mystical plane for help. But the forces he bargains with are notoriously unpredictable…The turtles’ ... 

The Master Key System - Charles F. Haanel

Rating: rating 6(32)
Price:  $1.99 
Charles Haanel is considered the father of Personal Improvement because of his books, The Master Key System being the most famous, a classic often considered one of the best and most important books in self improvement!The Master Key System was originally ... 

Regen über der Stadt (Leseprobe)

Rating: rating 8(118)
Price:  Free 
Ein atemberaubendes Fantasy-Epos beginnt: Jägerin Nadaya folgt der düsteren Spur ihrer Träume und findet heraus, dass eine tödliche Gefahr die Menschen bedroht, die in den Städten am Boden der Schlucht wohnen. Doch nicht nur für die Menschen, sondern auch für die ... 

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens; ebook

Rating: rating 10(20)
Price:  $0.99 
The classic tale of a little boy growing up in an English work house who sets off an uproar among the magistrates when he asks for more porridge. Oliver falls in with criminals and pickpockets like Fagin and the Artful Dodger ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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