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3. Find My iPhone

4. Remote

5. iBomber Defense

6. The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense for iPad

7. Scene It? Harry Potter

8. Harry Potter: Spells - Free

9. ComicStrip - CS

10. Treasure Island, The Experience





Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Pocket Devil

Rating: rating 6(3760)
Price:  $0.99 
WE'RE DOING SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY FOR "FRIDAY THE 13th" in NOVEMBER, so be prepared, and keep visiting our blog http://blog.eyedip.com to find out more...TOPPED THE CHARTS AT...#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in the US#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in the UK#1 Top ... 

Voices ~ fun voice morphing!

Rating: rating 6(3156)
Price:  $0.99 
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ SPECIAL INTRO PRICING BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★What people are saying about Voices… “We used this to record our parents and inlaws arguing, then played it back, I laughed so hard I almost passed out. Best app I’ve ... 


Rating: rating 6(6112)
Price:  $0.99 
Just hold your iPhone/iPod up to your mouth and it will look like vomit is coming out! Hurl, barf and heave your guts without any of the social or physical side effects!Features:- Vomit streams out of the phone/ipod giving the illusion ... 

Free - Naughty Xmas Hotties

Rating: rating 6(19877)
Price:  Free 
──────────────────────FREE NAUGHTY XMAS HOTTIESSEE THE NAUGHTY LIST──────────────────────SANTAS NAUGHTY LIST JUST GOT NAUGHTIER!Naughty Xmas Hotties includes the sexiest christmas-themed backgrounds.NO MISTLETOE REQUIREDAlways available, looking beautiful, no mistletoe (or network) requiredHO HO HO Spend a silent night with these gorgeous women. Santa's elves ... 


Rating: rating 6(4730)
Price:  $2.99 
From the wacky creators of iBeer comes the cutest iPhone app yet. Until you dig deeper...Based on the YouTube sensation for the first iPhone, Hottrix brings you their fully interactive iBug for iPod touch and all generation iPhones.Meet Seymour, the iPhone ... 


Rating: rating 6(21219)
Price:  Free 
An interactive waterfall in your pocket!Water flows down the screen whichever way you rotate it. Divert the flow of water with your fingers.If you like iWaterfall and would like to support the development of more toys like it, please try my ... 

iGrind: Skateboard Simulator

Rating: rating 4(7963)
Price:  $0.99 
** On sale: 70% off! **** Version 1.3 is now available with new skateboard decks! **Embrace the board. Feel the concrete. Taste the grind. Let loose.iGrind is a realistic skateboard simulator where you use the board to perform trick after trick. ... 

iLightr - Virtual Lighter

Rating: rating 8(3046)
Price:  $0.99 
The next time you find yourself towards the end of a solid rock and roll gig and you need to express your respect for the band, simply pop iLightr up above the crowd. This isn't some stale looped flame video, its ... 


Rating: rating 6(23221)
Price:  Free 
** Free for a limited time **Make amazing and colorful Spirograph-like wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod Touch with Trochoid!If you have ever played with a Spirograph, you have created curves known as epitrochoids* and hypotrochoids**. Using a Multi-Touch interface, Trochoid ... 

iFart - with Timer

Rating: rating 6(5174)
Price:  $0.99 
The perfect "Who did it?" Fart Machine is here.Select randomly from eighteen digitally mastered [especially for the iPhone] fart sounds for the ultimate in poop gas realism or switch to soundboard mode [select one of nine sounds] and let the fart of ... 

LEGO Photo

Rating: rating 6(19709)
Price:  Free 
What would your child’s smile look like made of LEGO® bricks? Or your pet hamster? Capture your child’s moments of brilliance in LEGO bricks.
Here’s an app to immortalize your favorite things and those special moments in LEGO form. Just point the ... 

1,001 Ringtones Pro (50% Off)

Rating: rating 6(4814)
Price:  $0.99 
Welcome to the largest collection of high quality ringtones available on the iTunes App Store! Over 1000 (and growing) high quality and unique ringtones are available to you for one price. What do we mean by "one price"? Simple, after you ... 

FREE Yo Mama Extreme - Voice/Vote

Rating: rating 6(21903)
Price:  Free 
****FULL VERSION ON SALE FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!****You Deserve the Best Yo Mama App. Buy the full version today. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have already downloaded this app!** Key Features **1. Classic Mode (No Internet Required)2. Internet ... 

Service Bell

Rating: rating 6(19020)
Price:  Free 
*** The Original iPhone Service Bell ***"Great for dealing with intolerable service – Perfect for the impatient"If you often find yourself in situations where service is lacking or if you’re an impatient person in general, service bell is for you… This ... 

Mental Age Part 1

Rating: rating 6(19130)
Price:  Free 
What's your 'mental age'? Find it out with this challenging fun application by Soneso!  

How Big Will Your Family Be?

Rating: rating 8(16056)
Price:  Free 
Are you going to be all alone - or be the proud parent of sextuplets? Find out if you're going to have an only child or the largest family on the block with this popular quiz!Then share the results to Facebook ... 


Rating: rating 6(18309)
Price:  Free 
Roll-out with the FREE TRANSFORMERS digital BUMBLEBEE action figure! Touch, swipe and drag Bumblebee to change from vehicle to robot mode and back again. Position him into unique action poses and explore his vital statistics and history. Character is taken from ... 

Tele 7 Programme TV

Rating: rating 6(23708)
Price:  Free 
Tele 7 Programme TVL’appli Télé 7, c’est tout votre programme TV hebdo sur plus de 70 chaînes! Plus question de rater vos émissions préférées avec ce guide TV de poche que vous pouvez personnaliser à loisir, en y ajoutant vos chaînes ... 

BeatRider Lite 1.2

Rating: rating 6(4844)
Price:  Free 
● Do you want to enjoy a rhythm game with your favorite artist’s music such as Michael Jackson or Lady GaGa?!● BeatRider is the only rhythm game you can enjoy with all your MP3 and M4A(iTunes Music) files.● Now you can ... 

Warner Bros.

Rating: rating 6(5496)
Price:  Free 
NEW : Les séries TV de Warner Bros. maintenant téléchargeables sur votre iPhone/iTouch : The Mentalist, Gossip Girl, Fringe, Les Frères Scott, Nip/Tuck, Friends, Chuck, Urgences, Smallville, Pushing Daisies, Eleventh Hour, Supernatural…. et consultez toujours gratuitement les extraits des séries TV.Retrouvez ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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