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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Awesome 80's Pro

Rating: rating 6(337)
Price:  $0.99 
*************************This app offers a cool trip to the past that may have you recalling some of the craziness and stupid things we watched, followed, and did back then.-CrazyMikesApps.com*************************DESCRIPTION:Did you grow up a child of the 80's? If so, you'll love this ... 

The Sylvan Archives

Rating: rating 8(180)
Price:  $4.99 
**NOTE: The dice and coin work fine. You actually have to roll the dice, lol.**Placed 10th for May in "iWant, iNeed, iRecommend" feature on blogcritics.org"Though these applications are clearly for a niche market, if you are an MTG player you should ... 

Don Bluth's Banjo The Woodpile Cat Adventure Game

Rating: rating 8(217)
Price:  $1.99 
Banjo the Woodpile Cat is a pioneering animated adventure game, brought to you by the legendary Don Bluth & Gary Goldman - the animators and producers of Dragons Lair and Space Ace , in association with Iconic Apps - the makers ... 

iCardPredict Card Magic Trick

Rating: rating 6(290)
Price:  $2.99 
Card magic at its best! Someone THINKS of ANY card and your prediction is right! Also, you don't need to carry around a pack of playing cards.DISCLAIMER: This is a very sophisticated trick. Not one of those stupid gimmicks that won't ... 

Lamp Off Lite

Rating: rating 8(1174)
Price:  Free 
"For true puzzle fans. Lamp Off will prove a challenging addition to the iPhone/iPod Touch... if you enjoy a good methodical mind-bender, give Lamp Off a try and see how far you can go." - by AppCraver.comA Light Genie comes down ... 


Rating: rating 6(1268)
Price:  Free 
"Pixo is one of the more original iPhone games I’ve seen in a while." - Jennifer Beam, AppCraver_____________THIS JUST IN: PIXO SPOT IS APPROVED BY APPLE. Search for Pixo Spot in App Store!To celebrate the release, Pixo will be free for ... 

What Would You Do If... FREE Party Game

Rating: rating 6(1683)
Price:  Free 
Enjoy playing one of the funniest group party games you could ever play! Find out from your friends the dirt on what they would do in funny, provocative, interesting, and unusual situations!*** FREE EDITION AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME! *******What Would ... 


Rating: rating 6(420)
Price:  $0.99 
Ever thought about contemplating nothing? Ever wonder how to get there?Let your mind drift into a daze with 3 different hazy styles.MELT: a groovy transition of colors that melt from one to the next.LIQUID COLOR: a shimmering pool of vibrant colors.JOLT: ... 


Rating: rating 6(284)
Price:  $0.99 
******************************************************FROM THE GUYS WHO BROUGHT YOU POCKET DEVIL...******************************************************2Balls1Cup: Bet your balls on itBring the magic of the well-known street con, Three Card Monte, into the comfort of your own hands. 2Balls1Cup is a remake, but not a ruse, like its brethren. ... 

Bonsai Tree

Rating: rating 4(410)
Price:  $0.99 
Your very own Bonsai tree. When you start this iPhone and iPod touch app, you will get a fully grown Bonsai tree. It is your task to prune the tree. Use the scissors to prune and the water to grow. Each ... 


Rating: rating 6(1451)
Price:  Free 
Shake Up Your World!shakejoke is a social-entertainment application meant to shake up your day by providing you – and those around you - some humor at your fingertips!You can just “shake” from the initial screen to get a joke or shakejoke ... 

Phone Rider

Rating: rating 6(264)
Price:  $0.99 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Join our Facebook Fanpage to get thelatest news and Infos!http://www.facebook.com/PhoneRiderVisit also http://www.p13development.com for more exciting games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Phone Rider for your iPhone and iPod Touch 2G (iPod Touch 2G only with headset!)Works with...• iPhone (all models)• iPod Touch 2G (ONLY WITH IPHONE HEADSET ... 

Libesta [Lite]

Rating: rating 4(2397)
Price:  Free 
Protected by password, Libesta provides Thumb-away access to ancient love making techniques described in four popular ancient books (KS) Kama Sutra (AR) Ananga Ranga (PG) Perfumed Garden (TAO) The TaoThe Lite version includes descriptions of 2 postures from each set. The ... 

DeLoraen Time Circuit

Rating: rating 8(223)
Price:  $0.99 
This application emulates the Time Circuit Panel, similar to installed into the DeLorean Time Machine, an invention of Doc Brown, the key character of one of the best movies of 80th (you know, which one - "Back To The Future"). It's ... 

Live Aquarium

Rating: rating 6(332)
Price:  $0.99 
*NEW FEATURES / UPDATES*- Live Streaming Video- Email Integration- Updated Interface*********************************************New! Swim With Sharks Live! Now in full-motion. EarthCam presents sharks, sea turtles, barracudas, stingrays and more live from Boston Aquarium. See them swim past our underwater webcam on your iPhone ... 

Recap 2008 iPhunny Late Night Quotes

Rating: rating 8(1115)
Price:  Free 
iPhunny Recap 2008 is a trip down memory lane through the absurd, and often funny, moments of 2008 as captured in the monologue snippets of two of the top late night comedians, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.The app contains 120 comedian ... 

Light Writer - Photography Effects

Rating: rating 0(0)


Rating: rating 6(294)
Price:  $1.99 
Create virtual holograms on your iPhone or iPod Touch in three easy steps!1) Select an image in your photo library. 2) Use the the touch screen to add depth to the image. 3) Use the accelerometer to tilt back and forth ... 

World Reaction

Rating: rating 6(333)
Price:  $0.99 
From the press:"Overall, World Reaction is definitely an amusing application for not only testing your own reaction times, but also competing against the reaction times of the world. Since the app utilizes real time updating, you get instant results of where ... 


Rating: rating 6(1597)
Price:  Free 
PhoneHome is a fun application that displays patterns on your phone, while a cool sounding guitar plays in the background. There are 40 different pattern variations. PhoneHome will put you in a very space like mood. Ponder the mysteries of the ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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