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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Joe the Electrician (Electric Joe)

Rating: rating 6(53)
Price:  $0.99 
You are a unlicensed electrician working on getting your license done so that you can open you own shop.You will face different challenges for wiring cables to connect the battery to all the lights. You have to use all the pieces ... 

Ball Slam Fantasy Lite

Rating: rating 6(237)
Price:  Free 
Ball Slam Fantasy, an arcade game based on classic 80’s Brick Breaker titles, taking the genre one step further. Ball Slam Fantasy tells the story of a magical ball that is trapped inside a galaxy comprised of five different spellbound fantasy ... 

iSniper 3D Lite

Rating: rating 8(186)
Price:  Free 
---------------------------------------------------A new generation of the 12,000,000 downloaded iSniper! Simply the best Sniper game on iPhone! ---------------------------------------------------THE STORYYou are an elite sniper of Global Anti-terrorist Organization, an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism. Three months ago, a bio-missile attack was ... 


Rating: rating 8(26)
Price:  $0.99 
Popple is a game that will challenge your speed, reflexes, and memory. The goal is simple, survive! Do not let the curtain close! The falling bubbles need to be popped in the correct order displayed at the top of the screen ... 

Banana Shot

Rating: rating 6(308)
Price:  Free 
We are not shooting bananas, but doing a cool way of shooting which makes the shot go around obstacles in a banana-like curve and hit things behind, leaving the cunning enemies nowhere to hide, just like the cool guys in movies.This ... 

Parking Slide Lite

Rating: rating 6(337)
Price:  Free 
Parking Slide Lite is the free version of Parking Slide with fewer levels.Parking Slide is a fun puzzle game where you have take your mini out of the multilevel parking lot. With each level new obstacles and objects appear, making your ... 

Beauty Lawyer Victoria

Rating: rating 10(20)
Price:  $0.99 
******************************************************* The first and the only game in AppStore on trial!! * Meet the special game that you've been waiting for!! ******************************************************Are you tired of ordinary games? Choose this game!! It's highly recommended for those who enjoy suspense, mystery, CSI, horror, ... 

Poker Gauge -- Ultimate Texas Hold'em Assist

Rating: rating 10(25)
Price:  $5.99 
We are Texas Hold'em players. We found other odds calculators do not help us enough while playing online, so we decided to make our own PokerGauge. PokerGauge serves as a poker assist to give you real time odds calculation in games ... 

Mahjong Connect

Rating: rating 6(296)
Price:  Free 
This is the simple puzzle game.Take the pair of the mah-jong tile in the rule.You win the points whenever you clear a game. The points are accumulated to your score.The net ranking is prepared.You can know the rule of the game ... 

World War Code Booster

Rating: rating 8(39)
Price:  $2.99 
#1 Code Source - CodeBooster has 700-1000 players online at any time!The most powerful tool for World War!Want more friends, and the power to WIN? Then get CodeBooster for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. Your Army depends on it."With World War Code Booster they ... 


Rating: rating 6(61)
Price:  $0.99 
Mosaics - is a new game in the series of apps for early childhood development. The game is designed for children 1 to 10 years old. It introduces kids to different colors, development of creative skills and allows to add objects ... 

Construction Zone

Rating: rating 8(35)
Price:  $0.99 
This is a classic physics based puzzle game. Build your contraptions, test, and complete a variety of challenges.Features include:- Shake or tip the device to affect the physics simulation.- Captivating gameplay and beautiful graphics.- Physics engine designed and optimized to achieve ... 

ABC Letters Tracing

Rating: rating 8(51)
Price:  $1.99 
***On sale for a limited time 30% off**********Reviews:"I just had a chance to show my 4 and 3 year old boys the App. They are loving it. Letter Tracing is hitting a home run."-toucharcade.com forum reviewer."My daughter loves this game. Keeps ... 

Guru Meditation

Rating: rating 8(45)
Price:  $0.99 
*** Version 1.2 update coming soon. Includes new settings: Sound Mode (normal, turn off microphone input, or play isochronic tones), and Saved Scores reset. ***"Achieve Mobile Enlightenment With Guru Meditation"--G4 TV"If you want to relax but just can’t seem to break ... 

Shake and Spell 3D

Rating: rating 8(108)
Price:  Free 
** Shake and Spell 3D is FREE for a limited time **Shake & Spell 3D is the hit sequel to the #1 social word game on the iPhone! Find words on an awesome 3D cube or kick it old school with ... 

My Beagle

Rating: rating 8(40)
Price:  $0.99 
Your kids will have so much fun playing with this app. They can create thousands of different scenes with this cute beagle dog.Choose from different clothes, glasses, hats, snickers, jackets and many more options. Once you have selected a category of ... 

Chalk Fighter

Rating: rating 8(192)
Price:  Free 
Merry Christmas from Boiled Goose! To celebrate the holidays, Chalk Fighter is now FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Enjoy, and don't forget to check out our other free games - Alpha Runner and Grapes on a Plate! Chalk Fighting fun in ... 


Rating: rating 6(267)
Price:  Free 
Objective of the game is to put police men in the street in a way that every street is protected by cops. A street is safe if a cop can see it. Also, to be easy on the budget in economical ... 

Turf Wars MADE 600 Respect Points

Rating: rating 10(35)
Price:  $23.99 
THIS IS TURF WARS WITH AN EXTRA *600* RESPECT POINTSRespect points give you access to powerful upgrades, including:- get more cash!- get protection from the cops!- extra skill point upgrades!- get henchmen to boost your mob’s power!Stake your claim on real-world ... 

Balloon Busters(Big SALE!)

Rating: rating 8(32)
Price:  $1.99 
Big SALE! You can get the Full version with discount of 67%!!!Get it now, while it's really cheap!■Other Application From ENZEntertainment: Bling Bling LEDPhotography: Photo Wave======================================■Description:Balloon Busters is an easy and fun game that men and women of all ages can ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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