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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Peter und Vlad

Rating: rating 6(3008)
Price:  $1.99 
Featured on Apple's What's Hot----------------------Appshouter:"I was impressed with how much fun this simple concept was", "In short, if you are looking for a game that will keep you interested for hours, and especially if you are tired of the violent and ... 

Rescue Angels – FREE!

Rating: rating 8(11237)
Price:  Free 
A naughty devil has bewitched some little angels and trapped them in a maze of bubbles. Your mission is to rescue them to safety. But, your ammunition is limited: just a few arrows! To shoot precisely, adjust the elevation and power, ... 

nikoli SUDOKU Free

Rating: rating 6(11863)
Price:  Free 
Hudson Soft represents the lite version of "SUDOKU" and IT'S FREE!!The gameplay is well designed for iPhone/iPod touch.A user can freely choose their favorite playing position of the screen since it automatically switches according to the iPhone/iPod touch's orientation.It's not only ... 

iCombat Lite

Rating: rating 8(10967)
Price:  Free 
“It’s the classic Atari game of Combat, made up all pretty like for the 21st century, and adding mines, grenades, homing missiles, cloaking devices—the works. Super addicting." - Gizmodo"I find iCombat to deliver an enjoyable (and cute) pick-up game experience...Anyone who ... 

Coast Defense

Rating: rating 8(1892)
Price:  $0.99 
SALE $0.99 until update !!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Featured by Apple in "What We're Playing"#3 Paid App in the United States in NovemberCoast Defense was in the #100 paid apps in more than 40 countries!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★NEW FEATURES WILL BE ADDEDUpdate Plans(Paid version):version 1.1 (comming soon)-+30 levels-headshot ... 

Quartz 2 Deluxe FREE

Rating: rating 6(12263)
Price:  Free 
The most unique and exciting puzzle game has finally arrived for the iPhone and iPod touch! Quartz 2 Deluxe FREE is the free version of the popular Quartz 2 Deluxe puzzle game. Challenge yourself to clear the diamond-shaped matrix by combining ... 

Urban Tycoon

Rating: rating 6(3614)
Price:  $1.99 
Urban Tycoon puts the city in your hands.. literally! Think of Urban Tycoon as the board game version of the popular SimCity series. Pinch and swipe your way through your city as you purchase and lay building pieces. The goal of ... 

Wolfenstein RPG

Rating: rating 8(1858)
Price:  $1.99 
**WINNER OF THE IGN.COMEDITORS' CHOICE AWARD!** "I had a great time with Wolfenstein RPG and heartily recommend it."-Levi Buchanan, ignwireless.com_______________________________________You are Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz, leader of an elite U.S. fighting unit on a Special Ops assignment. Your call to duty is ... 

Galaxy Impact

Rating: rating 6(12267)
Price:  Free 
Galaxy Impact: A timeless classic brick game now enters the world of iPhone! It takes advantage of iPhone touch screen and is easy to use. Also it comes with stunning visual and sound effects. Check it out!Galaxy ImpactFeatures:With the very spirit ... 

Ah..Moemory Lite

Rating: rating 8(10972)
Price:  Free 
Ah...Moemory is a pairs/matches game inspired by japanese moe and anime culture.No matter if you are otaku or not, the game with its adorable graphics will pull you in.No matter what age you are, the cute graphics will captivate you.No matter ... 

Perfect Balance: Harmony Lite

Rating: rating 8(9543)
Price:  Free 
NUMBER 1 PAID APP IN FINLAND IN MAY 2009!Also featured in Apple's "Best Construction Puzzle Games" category on App Store.Considered by many the best puzzle game on the iPhone!*********************************Rotate and stack shapes, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics ... 

Wizards 15 PlayMesh Points

Rating: rating 8(10605)
Price:  Free 
"What tidings bring you here, young fellow? If it was the promises of magic and adventure, this may be more than you bargained for. Oh, but we are in mysterious and uncertain times now! Come now - you will need to ... 

BiiBall 3D

Rating: rating 8(2157)
Price:  $0.99 
BiiBall 3D is a very enjoyable game. BiiBall 3D features advanced OpenGL ES engine. The goal of the game is to navigate a rolling ball across landscape and avoid obstacles. You control this ball by tilting your iPhone (or iPod Touch). ... 

Brain Blaze Divide

Rating: rating 6(2962)
Price:  $2.99 
Winner of a 2008 iPhone Footprints Excellence Award!Boost your brainpower and keep your brain young with this fun and challenging math game. Each of the twelve sets presents you with a set of division flashcards of increasing difficulty. Your goal is ... 


Rating: rating 6(13855)
Price:  Free 
www.iphonekungfu.com presents iKungFu!Fancy yourself as a block-breaking Kung Fu master? Now you can live your martial arts dream on your iPhone with this fun, free app from iPhone Kung Fu.com - The Path To iPhone Enlightenment. Shake your iPhone in a ... 

Galaga REMIX

Rating: rating 8(1962)
Price:  $2.99 
Shoot your fighter’s missiles to blow away waves of incoming enemy aliens in this classic stage-based shooter. Gameplay is very intuitive. It’s easy to pick-up and play!Rediscover Galaga’s trademark “dual-fighter” power-up system, in which shooting ability is enhanced by rescuing captured ... 

Dr. Arugula

Rating: rating 6(2645)
Price:  $0.99 
Dr. Arugula is a fancy, brand spanking new true 3D zombie shooter! You play as Dr. Arugula, a mad scientist who has been experimenting with cloning lately. Unfortunately, after leaving his clones to bake overnight, Dr. Arugula returned to his lab ... 

James Cameron's Avatar

Rating: rating 10(1268)
Price:  $9.99 
Go deeper into the spectacular world of James Cameron’s Avatar™ and embark on a fantastic journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the film events. As the first experimental avatar, experience the amazing powers your new body bestows. Will ... 

Pets LIVE™ - 15 Master Points

Rating: rating 8(9182)
Price:  Free 
**** Pets Live™ reached Top 2 in the App Store ****** LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! Get Pets Live™ plus 15 Loyalty Points for FREE! **So you want to be the best Pet Trainer around?Explore the world to discover new pets of all ... 

Epic Pet Wars Mythical Birds + 45 Respect Points

Rating: rating 10(1677)
Price:  $5.99 
ADDITIONAL UNLOCKED PET RACES (4):✔ SOLARIS✔ GRIFFUS✔ ARCTICUS✔ BYZANTIUS+ 45 RESPECT POINTS for use in the game to purchase exclusive items, health and energy refreshes, and more!Adopt a unique & exclusively designed pet to join the thousands training, battling, and customizing ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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