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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game




iPhoneAppsPlus->Games->Virtual Families Lite

Virtual Families Lite

Virtual Families Lite

Last changed: Aug 05, 2009

Virtual Families Lite

Category: Games
Rating: rating 8(9306)
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 28.9 MB

Price:  Free 


Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true real time. Adopt a little person from the thousands of choices of little people who live inside your iPhone. Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries, help them choose a suitable mate, start and raise a family, let them kick back with a variety of leisure activities, and take care of and improve their home. Along the way, there will be many different random events to respond to, house malfunctions to repair, and mini-puzzles to solve, all of them adding an unexpected element to the daily routine. This is the same sensational game that became a smash Windows and Mac hit!
The game continues to progress in true real time, even when your iPhone is turned off, so don’t forget to check in regularly to care for your little people.
More about Virtual Families:
* Real-time game play, with new surprises every time you turn on the game!
* Fully trainable people: shape and adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
* Marry for love; marry for money – the choice is yours.
* Raise children and enjoy them as they grow up and go off to college.
* Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
* Solve hidden puzzles around the house.
* Improve the house and pass it to successive generations.
* Random Events: unique and unpredictable email and house events that bring everything from the tax man to free stuff!
* Collectibles: dozens of unique collectibles for your family to collect and sell.
* Trophies: over 100 trophies that can be earned for almost every area of game play.
* Weather ranging from sunny days to thunderstorms.
Recommended for people who enjoy Virtual Villagers and other life sims!
If you like Virtual Families Lite, try the full version, which supports a larger family, more shopping and home improvement choices, and more options for medical care! Have families of up to 8 people living, working, and building a legacy of many generations, all in your iPhone!
Virtual Families Lite features:
* Unlimited game play and multi-generational support
* Shopping for food and other necessities
* Full access to collections
* Small, close-knit families
Visit our Official Virtual Families site at www.VirtualFamilies.com for instructions, strategy guides, and much more!
LDW games have been awarded with:
* Sim Game of the Year – Game Tunnel
* The Zeebys – Gamezebo
* Parents Choice Recommended Award
* iParenting Media Award
Check out our other hit games: Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children, Virtual Villagers, Fish Tycoon!

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Oven   rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: NoNicknameEvah! - Aug 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
If you have a oven fire. Go to the sand box and one of your people will find a doorknob. They will say that they are are fixing the shed door. After they put the knob on. Go to the door mat and they will find a key to unlock the shed. In the shed is a fire egstinguisher. Hope that helps with the  Edit: still loving the game! But I think some updates can be: -let the parents interact more with the kids like argue, time outs, etc. -also can we please have two kids at least. My kid always says she's a bit lonely. -maybe have a mall the family can go to so they can get out of the house. I know this is the lite version but it does get a bit boring with only one kid.

Love it.......  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: sarahbridget - 21-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0.0
I loved it so much after half hour of play I went straight back on apps and brought full version which is fantastic. Has lots more to do and allows you to have upto 6 kids. Plus more challenges to beat and more items to buy. I'm currently runnin 2 families.... 1 on the free version and 1 on the full version. I also have another app by these creators called "fish tycoon" Which I also really enjoyed and have completed once on easy and am now working on the medium level.

Add more to the Lite Version!!!!!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: 123Popular - Nov 26, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Seriously, they should add more things to the lite version. It isnow but if they add more it will beIt will be so awesome

Yay  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Flosset - 9-Sep-2009
Version: 1.0.0
So I changed my friend and she got a baby! This game is way more cool than when she had no babies. The shed is locked, the fountain misses a part, we collect strange things... I'm sure there is some mysteries in this house!! However i'm waiting if the game can go to 0.99$, because I can only buy these game prices.  Awesome game and never crashed on mine seriously I don't know why many people have always crashes and me no. :/ And if you want a baby go in help in menu and you'll see how. However if it is written in wants kids?: no way then it's probably because they don't wanna have a baby...

Ehh needs work  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Coopiooopoor - Nov 26, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Guys like that was really cool buy what I don't like is that u leave them for a day or two and they're DeAD

Tons of Fun!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: musicman127 - Nov 24, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Ok, so when i saw this it looked like a good game that i would play for a little and then probably end up deleting it, and i did...so i could buy the full version! This game is soooo much fun, the only thing is that it can get a little aggravating to watch them walk so slow! I have a couple who has one kid, and i cannot wait until i can get back to the game! I like how when you go into the game they say that your person got a promotion, it makes me feel so proud! If you enjoy the lite version i highly reccomend you spend the cash to get the full version, it will be worth it!!!

TIPS starting at no.1  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Smileing bettlejuice - Nov 22, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Ok this is wierd. I've been reading everyone review adend they all say it's crashing. Well my app doesn't and it never had before and I had this app for a month now. 1. To open the shed drag ur little person to the snadbox where they will find a doorknob and place it on the shed. Then u drag ur person to the welcome mat, where they will find a  to open the shed.2. In the lite version no variable items will show up.3. You can't fix the hose and the birdbath.4. U can only have one baby in the lite.... So go and buy the full version.5. You win  by completeing task. This game is AMAZING!!!!

Awesome game  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Beader786 - Oct 6, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
I love this game, it never crashes on me. This is a very good game and even though it is just the lite version, it's very time consuming game. By the way the key to the shed is under the Welcome mat. I want to get the full version, but there are many reviews that says this game crashes a lot. I really am interested in buying the full version. Although this is a great game, I think the price should be a little more reasonable, like $ 0.99. I would buy it at that price. Apple should put the full version on sale , so people who want to buy it can buy it at a reasonable price. Apple should also fix the glitches in the full version, so people with the full version can submit postive reviews. Other than that I think this is a really good game. There a few problems in the full version. In the future Apple should really read the reviews, we submit and fix their errors. Instead of just leaving them in the games. I think you should download or install this game until Apple fixes the problems in the full version and puts it at a reasonable price.

Great game!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Harpi - Nov 18, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
I love this game! Its a graet deal and os very entertaining! The remote is the little black thing near the entrance of the officeTo find the doornob to the shed put your person in the sand box abd the key is under the welcome mat!In the lite version you cant fix the birdbath or the hose, but you can fix the objects that are on fire, just unlock the shed and theres a fire exstiguisher inside! Also you can only have one child in this lit version, but to start the next generation, just go to the family tab and click, "next generation"

PPL!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: The Captain of Camp Karate Cool Yay!!!!????? RandomCrazyCreepPersonWhoDontSpeakEnglish - Sep 24, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Hey those of u dorks who keep whining that the game keeps crashing, plz use it head! Just reset ur iPod! And for those of u who threw out the instruction manual, to reset ur iPod, hold down the sleep button and the home button at the same time! Ignore the sliding thingymabobber and it should go bak to the apple thing, wait for a minute or 2 and go to ur virtual families game! This shuld work. Plz stop the bad **** bad reviews, this game us awesome! Remember, it is the lite BTW: the remote is this little black rectangular thing, it's black, about the size of the wrappers, and could show up anywhere on the floor in the house. And plus, I think u can turn the tv on by just clickin the tv set but I'm not sure.

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Suggestion!!!!!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Me is the name - Nov 13, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
To those the game keeps crashing on:Try to avoid putting ur iPod/iPhone to sleep while the app is on. I found that when I do this I come out of the app and later try to go back on but it crashes. If u accidentally forgot this tip. Restart ur iPod/iPhone. It'll work fine. This is only if y'all are having the same problem I am. Hey. It's worth a shot. Going into iTunes has nothing to do with it. Sorry if it doesn't work!!Love this game. So very addicting. Please fix the crashing. That way we don't have to restart our devices. Just got my first girl out of 4 or 5 genertion!!! Yay!

how to fix things,  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: fireflowerx - Nov 6, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
I love this game!!! ok do anyway to open the shed: go to sandbox and pick up doorknob, they will pit the doorknob on the shed, then go to the placemat at the entrance of your house and place it person on it and they will get the key and unlock it. Fixing hose: when u go to the store look in the varied items, check about every 4 hours until you see tape, buy the tape and place it by the hose ( not the one by the sandbox) then make sure one of it pplz is taking a shower then take a different person and drag them by the hose to fix it. workshop walls: wait until wall repair kit comes up in varied items, ( by the way u have to have the hose fixed to do this) then put the kit by the green bucket by the sandbox and keep making ur lil person go to it until they start fixing it... repet over again until walls are done  hope I helped!! 

Virtual Families  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Christian Slaughter - Sep 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
Everyone here are some answers you can only have one kid per generation on the lite version. After your kids go to college they don't come back until one of their parents die. Then you can bring them back by clicking family at the bottom and press new generation. My sister and I both have virtual families. The dad of my family died. So now I started the new generation and I got married and now I'm working on having another baby so I hope this answers your questions. I have a question what is the bucket for outside the house by the sandbox?

So funnnn! It's just like Sims!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Rapeter91 - Sep 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
I <3 this game! It's my fave. But the players move sooooo slow. I and if u need help with this game, just go to google and type "how to________in virtual families". That's it easy. This is a must have game!! The only downside is that it crashed. Like badddddd. When it's loading it'll I bak to the homescreen!! I'm soo upset and I got soo far!! Up to the 3rd generation!!!!! But to solve this problem(I just figured it out) just don't play the game for about a day and it'll b working in no time. <3 this game!!

Read If U Need Help  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: missdoo - Sep 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
I'm not sure wut bucket u need 2 unclog things. it might b the one in the laundry room, or the one by the sandbox. also, u CAN NOT fix the hose or fountain unless u upgrade 2 the full version, srry. if the app restarts, delete it, reinstall it, then play until it starts crashing, then restart yer phone, and u won't loose yer family. I hope I helped u guys, cause I wish I knew all if ths when I started I'm having no problems with crashing anymore after deleting and reinstalling 1 time, so just don't get 2 attached 2 ur first 2 families:-). btw, don't listen to the GAME HELP review under mine. none of those things will help

GAME HELP  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: mafanr2811leads - Sep 7, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
all your questions answered: Q: where's the tv remote? A: on the ground by the bathroom. Q: how do you open the shed? A: drop your person on the welcome mat. Q: how do you pick things up? A: drop your person on the item. Q: how do you put out the oven fire and put out the dryer fire? A: go to the shed and get the fire extingisher. Q: how long does it take untill the mom doesn't carry the baby anymore? A: about 1 day if your game isn't paused and 2 days if it is. Q: how to stop sink and shower leaks? A: go to the store and buy ducktape. Q: how does the hose work? A: purchase ducktape from the store. hope this helped your questions everyone!!! and the full verison is so worth it, mine never crashes. bye!

Best game on my iPod!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Music Geek who luvs bubble wrap - Sep 4, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
This game is so entertaining! It takes a while for things to get moving like age and stuff but it's worth it! This is probably the same as the full version except you can only have one kid at a time. Personaly, I'm not gonna bother with the full version. Get this!!! Here's a tip: You have to have a kid in order to continue with generations. So when both your people die, go to the family screen and go to new generation and the your only kid will show up then adopt them. The house will be the same you just have to start over like get married again. If you don't have a kid you might have to start completely over. Hope this helps some!!

My fav app!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: starduck03 - Aug 20, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
And looneytunes101 and everyone else i learned this thing i did on accident! hold down the on/off button and the home button like ur taking a screen shot for about fifteen seconds, and it automatically restarts ur ipod even if its frozen or jammed! and everyone shood get this app its just like the sims for the computer, and way better than the sims app, by the full version! BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!

Answers  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Magap - 03-Oct-2009
Version: 1.0.0
Love the game but don't know whether to buy the full version. Right, answers... Oven fire : the sandbox is on the right of the house. Drag the adult onto the sandbox until they fine the door handle and go to put it on the shed door. Then drag them onto he welcome mat. They will find a key and open the door. When there's a fire, drag them onto it so hey know there's a fire. Then drag them onto the fire extinguishers. Try it a few times if it doesn't work. Making a baby : drag on onto the other WHILE THEY'RE IN THE BEDROOM. If you don't, they'll only embrace. Fixing a leaky sink: drag an adult onto the leaky sink so they acknowledge it. Then drag them onto the spanner in the workroom. They'll then go and fix it. Try it a few times if it doesn't work. Hope that helped. xx

blEHhHh love it!  rating of Virtual Families Lite
By: Hhgfygdgj - Sep 13, 2009
Version: 1.0.0
hey ok im gonna write a realy really really really really long review. ok? ok. soo i love this app but like every one said already it crashes and they move really really slow! but anyways i have some suggestions. i think you should be able to make up ur own name for your "little friends" that would be soo cool! id name mine pupsy! JUST KIDDING. lol id probly name mine Emily cuz thats what i want to name my daughter if i ever have one. but anyways i also think we should be able to change their clothes and their hair stlye. that would make me very happy! also, i think it would be amazing if you could visit other places and actually chat with other families. please please please make it so we can do that! that would be super fantastic! yeah thats right, i said super fantastic! and i u havnt noticed im not much of an adult actually im only 13 so BOO YAH! but i got my ipod touch when i was 12 and im loving it! okay so back to the amazing game of virtual families. oh! i have a question! ok how do u fix the broken bird bath? im so confused! and yes my shed is opened. so please answer me!!!!! ASAP. wow this is really long. hope your having fun reading it cuz im having fun writing it! oh and guess what?!? chicken butt! haha yeah im so mature.. actally i am im just crazy bored right now so yeah. back to the game .... this i getting just a tad too long so imma go now but heres some advice: buy this game! its totally amazing, kinda like the sims but i hear the sims isnt that good and its like 7 dollars anyways.. so if i wer u, which i aint cuz ur probly but ugly:), i would get this app while its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - rambles a lot 

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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