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9. ComicStrip - CS

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Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game





Club Cards

Rating: rating 4(252)
Price:  $1.99 
About Club Cards!Club Cards lightens up your wallet by storing all of your retail store club cards on your iPhone for instant access. Club Cards displays the card name and produces a barcode image which is scanned directly off of your ... 

Taskmaster - A Simple ToDo List

Rating: rating 6(913)
Price:  Free 
Whip your to-do list into shape with Taskmaster!Taskmaster is a simple to-do list application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Add as many tasks as you want. Sort by priority, name, or due date. Swipe to delete tasks that are completed. ... 


Rating: rating 8(121)
Price:  $4.99 
Firetask is the first task list manager or to do list app to combine the advantages of the classical approach based on priorities and due dates with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" being specifically designed for the iPhone.Use the "Today" tab ... 


Rating: rating 6(1018)
Price:  Free 
This helpful application scans all contacts for birthdays an dates. Never miss a anniversary or birthday again.  

iBrain Fit-IQ Lite

Rating: rating 6(1075)
Price:  Free 
iBrain Fit-IQ Lite-Application DescriptionThe first smart phone that makes you smarter!● Boost your fluid intelligence.● Improve your capacity to multitask efficiently, more successfully and with less stress.● Increase your productivity at work, at school and in daily life.iBrainFIT-IQ is the world’s ... 

iPrivus Caller Name Lookup (Introductory Month)

Rating: rating 6(186)
Price:  $2.99 
If you purchase another iPhone device please send your DeviceID and registered phone number to sales@privusmobile.comThis is one month of service.Benefits:iPrivus lets you: Get REAL NAMES, not just a city, from US and many International databases. Identify any caller, even calls ... 

Action Lists Lite

Rating: rating 6(978)
Price:  Free 
Action Lists is a task manager and todo list based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) system popularized by David Allen. Action Lists harnesses the power of the GTD system with an easy to use interface that makes it fast to ... 

Alarm Bells

Rating: rating 4(1173)
Price:  Free 
This application allows you to use your iPhone as a multi-step alarm device. So, why do you need alarmbells?• Multi-step yoga/meditation routines• Steeping one cup of tea or steeping different types of tea at once (one black tea, one herbal tea)• ... 

iInventory Lite

Rating: rating 6(910)
Price:  Free 
PLEASE READ:The current version of Inventory Lite has corrected the password issue. Everything is now working properly.You can now transfer information between the lite and the full version by making a back-up of your data on the lite version. After you ... 

Police Logger Plus

Rating: rating 8(118)
Price:  $0.99 
This application builds on the success of the EMS and Police Logger applications. These programs were designed to be simple single purpose apps to help quickly log events and notes without needing to find a paper and pen.The main addition in ... 


Rating: rating 10(61)
Price:  $4.99 
Turn your iPhone into a wireless Chinese writing tablet!In the new 1.1 version we added the following:* Chinese Character Conversion* User Dictionary* Landscape mode* Enable or disable auto-lockOther features:* Write Chinese and Japanese characters* Works with your Mac and Windows* Automatic ... 


Rating: rating 6(106)
Price:  $4.99 
Visualize Your Shift ScheduleFrom Jeff: Please, check the website for a "How To," use the in-app email buttons (Settings, About, Help), or send to sched@buddy.com. Please don't put questions or suggestions in a review -- there's no way for me to ... 

Deluxe Tips

Rating: rating 6(165)
Price:  $1.99 
This simple tip calculator will help you complete your receipt by calculating and adding in the tip amount. It will also tell you the cost per person.If you are with a group and are going to split the cost evenly, enter ... 

iPlan (Google Calendar™ sync)

Rating: rating 4(257)
Price:  $3.99 
iPlan is a calendar application allowing you to view events in various calendar view styles in both portrait and landscape modes, and directly access event details from any calendar views. You can synchronize your Google Calendar data and use them off-line.• ... 

Checklist Lite: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft, and Aviation

Rating: rating 6(916)
Price:  Free 
ForeFlight Checklist Lite brings easy to use Intelligent Checklists for Pilots™ right to your iPhone or iPod touch, built to a level of quality and an attention to detail ForeFlight customers expect. We built Checklist to make you a more productive ... 

Brian Tracy's, Eat That Frog!

Rating: rating 8(136)
Price:  $1.99 
Featured app by Apple in iTunes Store"New & Noteworthy" Section!★★★★★"What's not to love about this time-proven technique to enhance productivity through complete focus!" Eric B."Who would have thought - those painful tasks/Frogs could be this fun? When the Frog swallows the ... 

My Secrets

Rating: rating 8(103)
Price:  $4.99 
Keep your notes protected with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. Organize your data the way you like. Enjoy stylish interface.Features:- clean user interface;- strong anti-hacker options;- "if found return to" information on the start-up screen;- convenient folder-based organization;- sending notes via e-mail;- ... 

iSaveWeb Lite - website download tool

Rating: rating 6(753)
Price:  Free 
Save your favorite websites to your iPhone or iPod touch. iSaveWeb Lite is a free version of iSaveWeb app.Free version includes all features of the paid version, but has one limitation - it allows to save up to 10 web pages.iSaveWeb ... 


Rating: rating 8(112)
Price:  $1.99 
This software is an application time recorder.(Management of working hours)Time Recorder (Time Card) is like.Function is the following.1. By the recorder, recording time;(Touch sensor, acceleration sensor input)2. Timecard / editing and browsing history3. Holiday / range of work hours / Holidays ... 


Rating: rating 8(86)
Price:  $1.99 
Doris is a new productivity tool that helps you get things done. The web version is free, with both free and paid versions available for the iPhone.You can create lists of tasks and organise them into groups. But unlike other Todo ... 








Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game

Haypi world - MMO iPhone Game


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